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Mig Switch Dumper - Pre Order

Mig Switch Dumper - Pre Order

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Note- This is a pre-order so its on a first come first serve basis. Expect very limited stock of this product. This is explained below with info provided from Mig Switch.

We've received a lot of emails about the availability of the second product: The Mig Dumper. Mig Dumper is the perfect companion to your Mig Switch cart. It is not required to use your Mig Switch, although it is the most convenient and elegant way to back up your games.. The reason for the delay is that in today's market, many ICs (“chips”) are suffering from shortage to various degrees. Mig Switch cart and Mig Dumper share some key components. And with those ICs in severe shortage, Mig Switch themselves decided to prioritize the Mig Switch card, since it is most demanded and also the product you can't do without. But they promise to deliver Mig Dumper soon after, with the same level of quality as the Mig Switch card. Thank you guys for your patience and support!

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